Permits Required

Projects that require permits and adherence to UCC-adopted building codes under Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code. 
 All new residential construction 
 All additions to existing residential construction, including: 
o Construction adding one or more stories on top of an existing dwelling 
o Construction increasing the perimeter of an existing dwelling 
 Installing a new manufactured (HUD-Code) home – Only items installed on-site 
 Installing a new industrialized (modular) home – Only items installed on-site 
 All attached garages 
 Detached garages, carports, sheds, or greenhouses 1,000 square feet or larger that are accessory to a single-family dwelling 
 Detached garages, carports, sheds, or greenhouses 120 square feet or larger that are accessory to a two-family dwelling or townhouse 
 Enclosing an existing porch or patio 
 Installing or building a sunroom or “three-seasons” room 
 New decks greater than 30 inches above ground level at any point around the perimeter of the deck 
 New decks with roofs or coverings (any height above ground level) 
 Installing hot tubs and spas (indoors or outdoors) 
 Constructing an in-ground swimming pool (inside or outside) 
 Installing any swimming pool (including inflatable) with a water depth of 24 inches or more 
 New fences higher than 6 feet 
 New retaining walls higher than 4 feet 
 Structural alterations to existing dwellings (“Structural alteration” is not defined, but does not include minor framing changes needed to replace existing windows or doors.) 
 Changes to an existing means of egress, including: exit doors, stairs, handrails, guards, and ramps 
 Any portion of a dwelling or residential accessory structure that will be used for commercial purposes (open to employees or the public). Examples include: professional or business offices, notaries, beauty shops, nail salons, barber shops, car or equipment repair 
 Emergency repair if a permit application is submitted to the BCO within 3 days