Scam Alert

Sugarcreek Police want to remind people of scams this time of the year.

Newest scam that was reported to the Police Department is from the Buckle credit card, Comenity Bank out of Columbus, Ohio.

In this letter they are requesting a copy of your driver’s license, State ID, Passport or Military ID and request both front and back copies.  They also request from and back copies of your Social Security Card, most recent utility bills, bank statements, W2 form or 1099 form.

The scammers are asking everything that they can to scam you for your money or your indentity. 

Please be very careful and read all of the information being requested. For the elderly, have your children look over your bills and requests. If it doesn’t seem right, go to your local bank or call your local police department. Never give out any information over the phone.