Rental Car Scam

Sugarcreek Borough Police would like to warn residents of a new scam that is emerging.

When people are searching for rental cars in the area, several of the internet links listed on search websites are false. These links have 1-800 and 1-888 numbers that connect the caller to a phone operator.

The phone operator lists several of the used car dealers in and around the Venango County area stating that they have rental cars and are authorized to book their rentals. The operator then takes credit card information and charges money against the victim with no rental car.

The Sugarcreek Borough Police reminds residents that not all internet links contained in searches are correct and true. Take time to verify the links prior to clicking on them.

If renting a car or shopping at businesses or stores, use the actual business or store name in you address bar. This can help ensure that you are directed to the actual place you are trying to contact.

When able, use gift cards for the business and stores for purchases as this helps reduce the total money that could potentially be scammed from an individual and it also reduces the amount of personal information that the scammer may be able to recover about the person.

If renting a vehicle, contact the rental agencies directly or an authorized travel agency.