Drug Paraphernalia and Small Amount Marijuana

On November 27, 2020 officer was at Christian Ross’s residence at 9 Crestview Dr, Apt. 107, on an unrelated matter.

Officers knocked on the door and could hear people talking. The officer was investigating a report of someone possibly shooting a CO2 pellet gun from the window of Apt 107 the previous night.

When door opened officer could smell burnt marijuana coming from the apartment. Ross stated there was no guns in his apartment. He stated they never shot anything from the window last night. Officer asked him if he could view out his window, Ross let officers in. As officer looked out the window and turned around to speak with Ross officer noticed in the ashtray several burnt marijuana cigarettes.

Officer asked who’s marijuana roach’s. Ross stated they were his. Officer asked him if there was any more marijuana in the house. Ross stated yes and opened the kitchen cupboard where there was several bongs, pipes and grinders. There was also a small amount of marijuana. Ross stated it was all his for personal use.

Officer asked Ross if he could look around the rest of the house to see if there was any more or a gun. Ross stated officer could. Officer found the bedroom in a coffee table drawer a small tray with two smoking pipes with burnt marijuana. No gun was located.