Email – Website Scam

The Sugarcreek Borough Police Department is advising Borough residents of an email/website scam the is occurring. A resident received an emailed stating that their website has been hacked and their databases were being extracted. The hackers went on to state that the information they received from the extract would be sold to the highest bidder unless the resident paid them $3,500 in BitCoin. The hackers then provided a 2-part address for the payment to be sent. Also provided was the information for how the resident can purchase BitCoin. Finally, it was stated that if the resident opted not to pay the hackers, they would proceed with their extraction to completely destroy the reputation of the resident.

The Sugarcreek Borough Police Department is stressing residents that this is a scam and is advising residents not to open emails from individuals that they are not familiar with, as well as avoiding opening any suspicious emails that appear to be fraudulent in nature requesting monetary funds. Please do not hesitate to contact this department if you have any questions or suspicions.