Hit and Run

The Sugarcreek Borough Police Department was contacted on November 21, 2022 from a known victim that lives in the 200 block of Front Street, Rocky Grove, Franklin. The known victim reported that between the hours of 11:15 PM November 19, 2022 and 2:15 AM November 20, 2022 a hit and run had taken place.

The known victim stated an unknown suspect drove down Front Street and wrecked into the retaining wall in front of their house causing significant damage. The victim stated they were asleep at the time the incident occurred.

Sugarcreek Borough Police officers went to the residence on November 21, 2022 and noted significant damage to the retaining wall and also found broken parts off of an unknown vehicle to include a front bumper, broken marker lights and broken fog lights.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident please contact the Sugarcreek Borough Police Department at 814-437-3703 or email Patrolman Corbett at tcorbett@sugarcreekborough.us.