Motor Vehicle Accident-D.U.I.

On November 19, 2020, Sugarcreek Borough Police were dispatched to a reported motor vehicle accident with vehicle on its side in the 3800 block of US 322.

Upon arrival officer identified the driver as Tanya Wise, 50 of Cochranton.

While speaking with Wise the odor of an alcoholic beverage was noted about her person.

It was apparent that she had struck the windshield of the vehicle due to the cuts on her head and the broken windshield.

Wise consented to the chemical test of blood. She was taken to UPMC Northwest for treatment and later released.

Wise’s blood results returned from NMS Labs showing that she had been operating a motor vehicle under the combined influence or marijuana and alcohol.

Wise was charged with Driving Under the Combined Influence of Alcohol and a Controlled Substance, Possession of Small Amount of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and other summary offenses.