Child Custody Interference

On March 11, 2020 at 4:15pm officer was advised that the defendant, Dawn Whitley, had met with a known individual #1 at Sugarcreek Borough Police Department to pick up her grandson. Dawn Whitley stated to the known individual “your father better be here tonight or you’re not getting him (meaning the minor child)”.

Dawn Whitley and known individual have been doing the custody exchanges at the Sugarcreek Borough Police Department. On tonight’s exchange Dawn Whitley states she would not give the minor child back unless known individual #2 was present.

At 8:00pm known individual #1 was at the Sugarcreek Borough Police Department to pick up the child.

At 8:19pm Dawn Whitley did text known individual #2 stating “Where are you? The minor child needs picked up and you’re not at the police station.”

Known individual #2 replied ” known individual #1 is at the Police Station waiting for you to drop off the minor child. I will be there to get him as soon as you do that.” 

Dawn Whitley replied “no”. Dawn Whitley then left the area with the minor child.

Whitley was arrested at her house and the minor child was picked up by a family member.

Charges are Interfering with Custody of a Minor (Felony) and Harassment (Misdemeanor 5).

Whitley was arraigned by Magistrate Kirtland and released on $5,000 unsecured bail.