SCAM Alert

Sugarcreek Borough Police would like to notify residents that a new scam is being attempted on residents.

A caller reaches out to a person and identifies themselves as a member of the local Sheriff’s Office and advises the person that they have failed to show up for Jury Duty.

The caller provides information that would have been shown on public release documents but changes the names to that of the intended scam victim. They advise of charges being filed and that the intended victim can pay the fines associated with these alleged charges to obtain money from the intended victim.

Often the caller will be willing to remain on the phone and walk them through the process.

The caller will tell the intended victim that once the money is received, they will have to report to the local Sheriff’s Office the be fingerprinted and provides them with the local office’s information. This makes the scammer seem more legitimate to the intended victim.

The scammer will then direct the intended victim to a public place to pay the fines. Examples of store the scammers have requested are Giant Eagle, Walmart, Western Union, and have even requested gift card exchanges or electronic transfers directly from the bank.

If you are contacted by a caller claiming this type of information, contact the local office at a number that you look up separately.

Sugarcreek Borough Police urges residents to be cautious with callers realizing that the scammers will often spoof or fake a local number to make it seem more legitimate.