School Bus Safety – Passing of School Buses

On October 18, 2021 Sugarcreek Borough Police Departments will be conducting a training and education informing motorists the legal requirements for drivers to stop for school buses. This training will be conducted on Allegheny Blvd at several times throughout the day. This will be conducted on Allegheny Blvd utilizing a traffic check station along the highway.

The delay will be approximately 30 seconds.

This is to remind motorists of the law, and the responsibilities they have regarding school buses.

Penalties for passing a school bus with red lights flashing if convicted:
60 Day License Suspension
Five (5) Points on your Driving Record
$250 dollar fine
Additionally, if school bus has a stop sign with flashing lights you could also receive a $300 dollar fine in the mail.

For more information, pictures, and animated images you can go to then click on “Traffic Safety and Driver Topics” and then select “School Bus Safety”.