Fleeing and Eluding, Drugs

On August 6, 2021 at 8:24 AM Sugarcreek Borough police noticed a black sports bike with red on the side and a red helmet on the driver with a black backpack traveling north on Route 8 (Allegheny Blvd.) near Two Mile Run Road. When the motorcycle went through the painted lines officer clocked him at 88.5 mph in a posted 45 mph zone. The driver looked over at the officer and gives it more gas. The officer activated his overhead lights and audible siren and went after the motorcycle towards Oil City.

The officer contacted Venango County 911 via radio and advised them to contact Oil City police and advise of this motorcycle coming north. Shortly after Oil City police advised that they had this vehicle stopped at Electralloy on Route 8 (Allegheny Blvd.). The driver, Gary Hawke, stated “come on I’m late for work.” He was taken into custody and when searching him he stated he had seen me and “I was late for work.”

During the search he was found to have a hypodermic needle in his right pocket. As officer took his items out of his pocket officer placed them in his backpack and noticed a pill bottle with a broken pill and a white crystal rock wrapped in plastic. Hawke stated that was his suboxone.

Officer then placed him in the back of the police vehicle and read him the DL-26 which he refused blood draw. He stated I cooperated last time and won’t this time. He mentioned that whatever he did yesterday would show up in his blood and he isn’t high now.

While going through his belongings at station he was found to have a small amount of marijuana and 4.5 grams of methamphetamine. Hawke stated he puts his suboxone under his tongue but he only shoots meth one time a day. His eyes are blood shot and he is sweating heavily despite it being 67 degrees Fahrenheit. His speech seems faster than normal as officer has known him for a while.

A search warrant for his blood was granted at which time he was taken to UPMC Seneca for blood draw.

Hawke was arraigned by Magistrate Lowrey and was placed in Venango County Jail after bail was denied due to fleeing and eluding plus he had a warrant for failure to appear on other criminal charges before Judge Lowrey.