Dangerous Dogs Attack Victim

On April 22, 2021 at 1:03 PM Sugarcreek Borough Police responded to the call of two dogs that attacked a known victim.

Upon arrival the two dogs charged at officers growling and barking. Officers were eventually able to secure the two dogs in the owner’s house.

Officers spoke with one of the owners at their residence and found out that this was the second time that these dogs had attacked a human in less than a week. She claimed that the last time it was because the previous victim decided to wrestle with the dogs in his yard several residence’s away from the dog’s house.

Officers were able to locate the known victim and found that he had been bitten multiple times as well as other scratch and fall injuries. The known victim was later taken to the hospital and required stitches due to the extent of the injuries.

Sugarcreek Police though a course of investigation discovered that the dogs had in fact attacked another individual at his residence.

William Winters Jr., 38, and Sarah Winters, 34, both of Rocky Grove were charged with Attacks by Dangerous Dogs (Misd) and multiple other summary citations regarding the dogs.