Speeding leads to DUI, Methamphetamine Charges

On February 20, 2021 at 8:51 PM Sugarcreek Borough Police officer stopped Terrance Lawrence, 39 of Franklin, for speeding 68 MPH in a posted and maintained 45 MPH zone.

While speaking with Mr. Lawrence officers noted multiple outward signs of impairment. Field sobriety tests were conducted and Mr. Lawrence was placed under arrest for the suspicion of driving under the influence. During the field sobriety testing a plastic bag of methamphetamine fell from Lawrence’s person onto the ground. Officers recovered the drugs and secured them for evidence.

Toxicology for Mr. Lawrence returned and showed the he had operated a motor vehicle under the combine influence of Methamphetamine, amphetamine, Delta-8 THC (marijuana), and Dextro/Levo Methorphan (DXM).

Terrance Lawrence was charged with Driving Under the Influence of a Combination of Controlled Substances, Possession of Methamphetamine, Speeding, and other summary charges.