On July 31, 2020 Sugarcreek Borough Police officer was monitoring speed in the 1200 block of Allegheny Blvd.

Officer noticed a vehicle that was travelling above the posted speed limit and closed to follow the vhicle. Officer noted that the vehicle was travelling at 75 mph in a posted and maintained 45 mph zone.

Officer also noted that the vehicle was also drifting outside of its lane using both lanes of northbound traffic from the fog line to the divider line. The vehicle twice crossed into the southbound lane of travel.

Officer initiate a traffic stop with the vehicle driven by Tawnya Thompson, 42 of Oil City. Officer noted multiple outward signs of impairment. When he returned from his vehicle checking her information cover officer stated that she took what appeared to be a bottle of perfume and sprayed it directly into her mouth..

Thompson displayed 6 of a possible 6 clues on the HGN and was intoxicated to the point that police were unable to continue standardized field sobriety testing. Thompson was summarily taken into custody for DUI.

Blood results revealed that Thompson was driving the vehicle with a highest rate BAC.

Thompson is charged with DUI Highest Rate, Reckless Driving, Speeding, and other traffic violations.