Seneca Resources Letter- Not a Scam

Sugarcreek Borough Officers investigated a possible letter scam involving Seneca Resources plugging wells in the Rocky Grove area.

Officers contacted the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) who clarified that the letters are legitimate.

Seneca Resources are plugging a well on the hillside behind the 800 to 900 blocks of Allegheny Blvd and per DEP regulations, Seneca Resources sent out a letter to area residents alerting them that if there was a well on their property, Seneca Resources needed to be contacted to have it plugged.

If Rocky Grove residents have received the letter and receive their water services through the City of Franklin, the letter can be disregarded. If residents have a private water system, they should follow the instructions included within the letter.

If there are any further questions, residents can contact the Sugarcreek Borough Administration Office at 814-432-4717.