DUI Charges

Sugarcreek Police filed charges against Michael Rice, 43 of Franklin, for an incident that occurred in the 300 block of Allegheny Blvd at approximately 7:52pm on February 28, 2020.

A patrol officer was slowing to make a left turn in to Penn Aire complex in the left turn lane when Rice passed the officer at a high rate of speed traveling on the white divided center line nearly striking the police cruiser.

Rice continued south to Franklin at speeds of 70 mph. At the right curve leading to Washington Crossing Rice failed again to keep his vehicle within the lane of travel and drifted fully into the left lane and quickly turned back into the right lane.

At the intersection of Washington Crossing and Elk Street Rice had to brake aggresively at the intersection which had a red light, almost not getting stopped prior to entering the intersection.

The officer activated emergency lights and siren and Rice continued right onto Elk Street at a slow speed. He then turned left onto 11th Street still at a slow speed failing to pull over.

Rice finally stopped his vehicle at the intersection of 11th and Liberty Street.

Officers report Rice showed strong outward signs of intoxication and had to stop field sobriety testing because Rice was a hazard to himself.

Rice was taken into custody for DUI and refused chemical testing.

Rice also refused a valid search warrant for chemical testing.

Rice was charged with the following.

Obstructing adminstration of law or other government function (M2)
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, General Impairment (Misd)
Restrictions on Alcoholic Beverages (Sum)
Reckless Driving (Sum)
Careless Driving (Sum)
Driving Vehicle at Safe Speed (Sum)
Turning Movements and Required Signals (Sum)
Driving on Roadways Laned for Traffic (Sum)
Duty of Driver on Approach of Emergency Vehicle (Sum)