Juvenile on Meth

Sugarcreek Police responded to an incident that was reported as a male, no clothing other than shredded pants, covered in scratches who was screaming for someone and walking in and out of the wooded area.

The incident occured on Tuesday July 17, 2018 on Allegheny Blvd in the area of Transit Street in Reno at 12:45 pm.

Male attempted to flee on foot upon the officers arrival. He was taken into custody after an assist with an awesome Reno resident.

The juvenile gave officers a false name and was obviously under the influence of methamphetamine. It was later learned, after the juveniles name was obtained, that he had cut a monitoring bracelet off of his ankle and was wanted by Clarion County Juvenile Probation.

The juvenile was transported to Sugarcreek Police station where he was turned over to Clarion Juvenile Probation Officer.

The following new charges have been filed in the Venango County Court from this incident…

Resisting arrest – M2
Flight to Avoid Apprehension – M2
Indecent Exposure – M2
False ID to Law Enforcement – M3
Disorderly Conduct – M3
Public Intoxication – Summary

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