School Lock Down

Sugarcreek Police were dispatched to the area of the Rocky Grove High School for a possible unknown domestic situation.

The call went into Venango 911 at 12:10pm June 1, 2018 and dispatchers heard a threatening remark followed by loud commotion but no one was on the line. Dispatchers were able to ping the phone’s location to the area of the gym.

Police requested the building go into lock down due to the unknown situation.

Dispatchers were later able to determine the call was coming from a cell phone inside the building and directed police to the classroom.

All students checked their phones and one found they had unintentionally pocket dialed 911 while in gym class and it stayed connected for 13 minutes.

After it was confirmed that there was no emergency the lock down was lifted.

No charges and no school action is being taken against the student.

Borough police were assisted by Franklin Police and the Venango County Sheriff’s Department.


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