Phone Scam

Sugarcreek Police reports another phone scam hit the Rocky Grove area on November 6, 2017. In this scam, a male contacted the victim stating that he was the victims grandson and that he had been involved in a crash after leaving a doctor appointment and was now in jail.

Another male then got on the phone claiming to be a public defender and demanded that the victim go to Sam’s Club and get $4,800 of gift cards to be transferred to the grandsons commissary and he would be released from jail.

Victim reports that the scammer knew information that was personal to the victims grandson such as past medical conditions, hospitals he was associated with, income as well as volunteer services.

The victim did not release any information to the scammers and immediately reported it to police.

Again, the public is reminded NOT to send any money to people you do not know. If the caller requests you say nothing to any other family and press for the money to be sent in hours it is most likely a scam. Report it to your local police department.


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